Kitchen Oil Fire 1 Minute

Car Lock Warning

Warning on Creditcards

Buying a car on Internet
The Early Show - Teen posts YouTube message days before death  3 Minutes
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Tear jerker! a boy and his dad 2 Minutes
The Power of Words  2 Minutes
Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed 5 Min.

USS New York Ship built out of scraps of  911

The Richest Man in Town Movie  2 Minutes

Dog Mothers Kittens - Miracle Pet Stories 3 Minutes

Drawing Heaven 3 Minutes

Ouotes for 365 days a year 4 Minutes

"You've Got a Friend" 2009 - SandFantasy

Dash Poem Movie 2 Minutes

Finding Joy 3 Minutes

Interview with God 3 Minutes

God Made You Special 2 Minutes

Extraordinary Life 5 Minutes

When God paints 2 Minutes

Movie of Appreciation  3 Minutes

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration  3 Minutes

God of Wonders  5 Minutes

Forgiveness & Letting Go  4 Minutes

I Believe 2 Minutes

Revelation Song - Kari Jobe  7 Minutes

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews 3 Minutes

The Power of Attitude 4 Minutes

Father and Son Take Ultimate Mustang Road Trip
4 Minutes

5 Minutes

The Blind Side "Inspirational" Featurette 3 Minutes

2 Minutes

My story  7 Minutes

Christopher Coleman Story (In Touch)  7 Minutes

The Gratitude Campaign 1 Minute

Watch this.... You will definitely share this......mp4  5 Minutes

The X Factor: 2009 - Scott James - Auditions 6 (itv.com/xfactor)  7 Minutes

Glen Alexander's Story 8 Minutes

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What is the purpose of my life?

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Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy 2 Minutes
We need each other!
Mom has found a hands free way to do things!
Cody's Story  4 Minutes
29 Gifts: How Giving Can Change Your Life
(Interviewed on The Today Show) 5 Minutes

The Inspirational Video Collection, a family friendly website, specializes in inspirational videos, funny videos, Christian videos, Youtube and Godtube videos through free video online. This website is designed with you in mind;
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spiritual healing and truth about your life purpose such as  "why am I here" and "what is my life purpose?"
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"Integrity is the key to a great legacy"  anonymous
TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude  10 Minutes
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Letter from mom & dad
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Dedicated to Our Soldiers & Family - plz "Share" - Rhema "Note To God"  4 Minutes
The Butterfly Circus / Цирк Бабочек (2009) English  22 Minutes

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